Deer Yin Yoga pose


Mechanic: Create a mild compression in the hips, and in the lumbar vertebrae segment, externally rotate the femur bone on the front leg and internal femoral rotation on the back leg. Target the adductors on the front thigh and quadriceps on the back thigh. Mild stimulation on the rectus abdominis.
Energetic: This pose is targeting the liver channel on the front leg and the stomach & spleen on the back leg.
Mind/Emotions: Cultivate a sense of stability and endurance.


This pose does look like much but is quite demanding due to the femoral rotation in both direction, if suffering from too much compression in the hips or the lumbar spine, then decrease the angle of the leg and keep the body facing forward rather than laterally then increase when possible.

Help & Props

The main support you can get in the pose is to elevate the pelvis from the floor by using pillow underneath the setting bones, this will decrease the compression on the hips, prop yourself according to the desired level of comfort.


Starting around 2 minutes then increase as needed.

Releasing the pose

unfolding one leg at the time, to gently lay back in supine position.


Rotating the spine can really increase the sensation in this pose as usual involving more twist in the poses is challenging the practitioner due to the connective tissues structural principle of tensegrity.