Meditation/Philosophy Module 3


Build and sharpen your ability to concentrate by applying and sustaining
(Merging Asanas, Pranayama and Dharana)

Practice different meditation technique to collect the mind
(Diaphragmatic breathing, Anapanasati)

Progress Towards an absorption of the mind
(Developing Samatha or the practice of meditative quiescence)

Balance and tune your energy level in the practice
(Standing Tonify/Meditating Daoist posture)

Teaching Methodology

The Tattvas of the Yin practice
(The principles and qualities of the practice)

Define Ekagrata or one-pointedness of mind
(Lead your practice & teaching with one intent )


Exploring Samadhi Pada Patañjali first chapter of the Yoga Sutras
(The meditative absorption or the definition of Yoga)

Patañjali analysis of Yoga
(“Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodha” exposed)

Samkhya or the framework of Patanjali
(From Prakriti to Purusa)

Studying the 5 hindrances to meditation
(The obstacles to meditation and how to overcome them)

Embodying the Brahma Viharas
(The 4 immeasurable found in the Yoga Sutras and Buddhism)


Roadmap, signposts and tools for the inner journey!

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“With the Meditation/Philosophy module, Sebastian and Murielle have done it again: delivered a methodology and training that is extremely well researched, structured and practical to apply. This is not an easy feat, considering the topic at hand! This module provides a roadmap, signposts and tools for the inner journey, a how-to practice with the mind and the heart. The insights, wisdom and joy from Murielle and Sebastian’s dedicated study and practice shine through in the delivery of the course and is truly inspirational. Again, I come away from my time With-YinYoga with upgraded means, confidence and enthusiasm to keep learning, practicing and sharing. Whether you are a fresh or experienced teacher, I wholeheartedly recommend this training, which is unique in its approach and authenticity and holds an exceptionally high level.”

 - Lene Simonnes, Yoga Professional, Executive Coach, Malaysia - Norway

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