Seal Yin Yoga pose


Mechanic - The main stimulation taking place in the Seal pose is a compression of the lumbar spine.
Energetic - Targets the Urinary Bladder- Kidney pathways related to the water element and Stomach-Spleen related to the earth element.
Mind/Emotions - Awakening, stimulating


Be cautious in case of a back problem or wrist/elbow and shoulder injury.
During pregnancy the pose will need to be adapted so the belly is not compressed on the floor.

Help & Props

If you want to increase or decrease the intensity of the pose you can play with the distance in between the hands and the hip.
If your wrists are sensitive, you can come back into the Sphinx pose or you can place a bolster under the armpits or directly under the elbows so the weight of the body is not increasing the compression on the wrists.
If you feel a compression on the pelvis (ASIS), place a blanket for padding.


Two to five minutes 

Releasing the pose

From the Seal, first come back into the Sphinx, then open the elbows to the side so you can rest on your belly with the head on your forearms.


Sphinx is a milder version of Seal. Those poses are all about lumbar compression. A mild compression is actually beneficial for the spine, make sure you find the appropriate edge to last longer. You can increase the stimulation by bending the knees. Find how you want to position your shoulders either by depressing or elevating them as it will give you a different experience.