Stirrup Yin Yoga pose



Mechanic - This pose is a deep hip opener, creating a compression in the area, there is also a decompression of the lower back and it targets the hamstrings
Energetic - Targets the Urinary Bladder - Kidney meridians related to the water element
Mind/Emotions - Enhances endurance


Be cautious in case of hips injury and sensitive sacro-iliac joint.

Help & Props

Using a belt might bea good idea if the hands cannot reach the feet comfortably.
Placing a support under the sacrum might help to stabilize the pose.


Three to five minutes

Releasing the pose

Release the grip of your hands and release the legs to lay back in Savasana
An option is to keep both knees bent for few breaths (cradle) before releasing into Savasana


Changing the orientation of the femur will affect the intensity of the compression on the hips and tension in the hamstrings.