Swan Yin Yoga pose

Upward Swan Pose


Mechanic - This pose compresses the lumbar spine and targets the gluts as well as the hip flexors from the back leg.
Energetic - Targets the gall bladder channel related to the wood element and the stomach-spleen related to the earth element
Mind/Emotions - Stimulating and energizing.


Be cautious in case of a knee injury on the front leg.

Help & Props

If you are leaning to one side, place a blanket under the hip to stabilize the pose.
Use a block if your hands are not reaching the ground
Come onto the fingertips or onto the knuckles to increase compression in lumbar spine if this is available to you.


Three to five minutes

Releasing the pose

Lean on the side opposite to your back leg and gently drag your back leg forward to lay back in Savasana.


Do not hesitate to play with the pose with gentle head movement or increase a flexion or extension around the cervicals.