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Yin Yoga Teacher Training 25 hours The 3 bodies Module 2

  • Spirit International Yoga School Osaka Tenjinbashi Matsumura Bld Osaka 5300041 Japan (map)

Unravel your potential and refine your inspiration on the Yin Yoga path

Yin yoga teacher training 25 hours module 2 The Meridian Series - The 3 Bodies

This is the easiest approach to combine the Chinese meridian to the Yin asana. Instead of focusing on 12 meridian or 6 pairs of meridian, we separate the 3 main subcircuits of the body known as the 3 layers or Front layer Tai-Yin / Yang-Ming, the Middle Layer Jue-Yin / Shao-Yang, and the Back Layer Shao-Yin / Tai Yang.

Integrating the 3 Layers in your Yin Yoga will help you to relate to your practice and teaching from an energetic/Qi point of view, using a simplified network.

Come and join us for this comprehensive module on Yin Yoga & TCM.

25 Hours Module 2 The Meridian Series - The 3 Bodies

Friday 12/04/2019: AM - Practice The Tao of Yoga / Theory The 12 main meridian - PM Theory 3 Layers of the body / Practice The back Layer

Saturday 13/04/2019: AM - Practice Middle layer / Theory Classical View of TCM - PM Theory Modern meridian theory / Practice The front layer

Sunday 14/04/2019: AM - Practice the 3 layers / Theory Meridian mandala - PM Theory The meridian depth /  Practice The 3 layers

Monday 15/04/2019: AM - Practice Yogi Choice / Theory The meridian clock - PM Theory Q&A / Practice Yogi choice



Spirit Yoga International School Osaka

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Come and join our Teacher Training Course to make a difference, balancing and improving your practice and teaching.