Shoelace Yin Yoga pose


Mechanic - The Shoelace pose allow a nice external rotation of the femur bones. The pose will create compression in the hips joint. Targeting the Gluteal group of muscles. As we lean forward decompression of the spine is taking place, increasing the Gluts and Erectors Spinae stimulation.
Energetic - Targets mainly the Gall Bladder channel relating to the wood element and urinary-Bladder channels relating to the Water element.
Mind/Emotions - The Shoelace is energizing and relaxing at the same time.


This pose can be challenging on the hips joint,and maybe the lower back as we lean forward.

Help & Props

Changing the height of the pelvis will decrease the stimulation, if coming into the pose is too challenging just open your knee to the side this will allow you to come into the loose shoelace which is easier for most people, if there is too much tension in the back, keeping the back in upright position is perfectly valid.


Three to five minutes.

Releasing the pose

Gently bring yourself up in seated position, then lean back elbows on the floor first, uncrossing the legs ready for Shavasana.


Before leaning forward completely bring both hands on the floor and lift the pelvis from the feet, this will allow you to tighten your shoelace to give you greater stability.