Dragon Yin Yoga pose


Mechanic - Deep hip opener, compression in the hips and the lumbar spine when the chest is lifted. Targets the hip flexors from the back leg
Energetic - stimulates the Stomach-Spleen channels related to the earth element
Mind/Emotions -Enhances endurance and balance


Be mindful if you have an injured ankle as the pose can bring a lot of compression on the front ankle.

Help & Props

Using blocks if the hands cannot reach the floor in the full dragon and placing a blanket under the knee of the back leg to avoid painful compression on the knee cap.


Two to five minutes could be demanding in one of the dragon variations so you can stay up to two minutes in each variations as an option then increase accordingly.

Releasing the pose

Release the hands down to the floor
Either coming into child and rest or coming to walking down dog (bending one knee at the time) to release any numbness or tight feeling in your legs.


Find the best orientation and location of your foot and hands to either increase or decrease the stimulation, let your hips drop towards the floor without forcing, letting your body weight slowly pull you down.