Back Namaste Yin Yoga pose


Mechanic - Back Namaste pose is a variation of the shoelace pose, involving a potent internal rotation of the humerus bones. The pose will most likely create compression in the shoulder joint & hips joint. Targeting the deltoids and opening the shoulder blade as well as stimulating the gluteal group and I.T band on the lower limbs.
Energetic - Targets mainly the Gall Bladder channel relating to the wood element in the lower limbs and the Small-Intestine channels in the upper body relating to the fire element.
Mind/Emotions - Enhances centering and stability


This pose is a double internal rotation in the upper and lower body, mind the compression taking place in the shoulders and hips joints.

Help & Props

If you are unable to perform the shoelace there is no need to try this variation instead a simple Seiza with the back Namaste is sufficient, note that lowering the hands lower down the back will decrease the stimulating and vice versa.


Two to four minutes is enough time to feel the effect of this pose.

Releasing the pose

Release the the hands first rest in simple seated Shoelace for a few second, then uncross your leg and lean back in Supine position.


Play with the angle of neck flexion will increase the stimulation in the upper back.