Butterfly Yin Yoga pose


Mechanic: Decompresses the spine, compression at the hip. Targets the Adductors and the Thoraco Lumbar Fascia from the sacrum to the back of the neck.
Energetic: Targets Urinary Bladder channel relating to the water element and the Liver channel relating to the wood element.
Mind/Emotions: introspection, soothing.


Be mindful in case of an herniated disc or sciatica, this pose might aggravate the condition.
Be cautious of your neck if you had an injury, you might need to rest your head on a support.

Help & Props

Make sure that the pelvis is tilting forward so sitting on the edge of a pillow or blanket will help if need be.
Using support for the knees if you have too much tension in the Adductors or too much compression in your Hips, and cannot relax.


Three to five minutes or more.

Releasing the pose

Lift the chest up, release the legs on the mat and lay back in Shavasana