Cat tail Yin Yoga pose


Mechanic - Great spine torsion helping releasing tension around the Lumbar area. Targets the quadriceps (hip flexors) in the back leg, the gluts + hamstring in the front leg and the obliques in the torso.
Energetic - Targets mainly the Gall Bladder channel relating to the wood element and the Stomach-Spleen meridians relating to the earth element.
Mind/Emotions - Enhances the ability to surrender due to the demanding nature of this pose.


Be mindful of your back if there is a back problem or injury, 

Help & Props

Supporting the knee and the shoulder if off the floor so the muscles can relax. It is also nice to have a support pillow/block for the head.
Checking the cervical vertebrae are not compressed, positioning the head accordingly. 


Three to five minutes 

Releasing the pose

Release the grip of your hands and allow the body to unfold and relax either in Savasana on your back or on your belly


Once you have found the appropriate edge of your pose, use your belly breath to explore and go further into the pose.