Frog Yin Yoga pose


Mechanic - Deep inner leg opener targeting the adductors, most people report a strong feeling of compression in the hip socket, the pose might also compress the back.
Energetic - targets the Liver channel related to the wood element, with the arms stretched forward above the head, the Heart-Lungs pathways related to the Fire-Metal elements
Mind/Emotions - Energizing, stimulating


Be cautious in case of back/hip injury.

Help & Props

Using some padding for the knees to avoid too much compression against the floor.
Resting chest on a bolster if using upper body strength to sustain the pose


Three to five minutes

Releasing the pose

If you are already close to the floor, release the legs and glide onto your belly
If you are on a bolster, ease back into child pose 


This pose might not be for everyone, depending on the degree of compression on the hips, if the compression is too great try Dragonfly instead.