Snail Yin Yoga pose

Snail Pose


Mechanic - one of deepest release of the spine especially the upper part.
Energetic - Targets the Urinary Bladder channel related to the water element
Mind/Emotions - deeply introspective as it is a forward bend


Be mindful if you have a neck injury or problem as this pose will put a lot of pressure in this area
Pregnancy: Not advisable if pregnant.

Help & Props

If your feet do not rest on the floor use a bolster/block or even the wall to ease the pose by resting your legs. A folded blanket underneath the head and neck is also welcome.


Three to five minutes

Releasing of the pose

Use the strength of your arms and core muscles to slowly unfold the Snail until you reach Savasana.


It is important to keep the knees bent, you can rest the knees on the forehead or to the floor on each side of the head. Be mindful of the breath emphasizing relaxation and slow pace.