Square Yin Yoga pose

Square Pose


Mechanic - Decompresses the lower back when going forward, targets the Gluts and the Thoraco Lumbar fascia
Energetic - Targets the Gall Bladder meridian related to the Wood element
Mind/Emotions - Stimulating, energizing


Be cautious with your knees.
If one of your knee is in the air come to a loose square by releasing the top leg forward and that will help the discomfort in the knee
Might either exacerbate or soothe the nerve in case of sciatica.

Help & Props

If you cannot get into the full square, come into a loose square and go forward.
Rest the forearms and/or head on a bolster or a block if they are away from the floor


Three to five minutes

Releasing the pose

Bring the chest back up if leaning forward, release the top leg first, then unfold your legs and lay back in Savasana


This pose is one of the most efficient to target the Piriformis muscle, you can play with the angle of the torso to isolate this muscle and release the Sciatic nerve if you are suffering from Piriformis Syndrome.