Twisted Dragon Yin Yoga pose

Twisted Dragon Pose


Mechanic - This pose creates compression in the hips and spine. Targets the obliques, the hip flexors on the back leg and the hamstring on the front leg as you push the leg away from the body you also stimulate the adductors.
Energetic - Targets the Liver-Gall Bladder channels related to the wood element and the Stomach-Spleen related to the earth element
Mind/Emotions - Enhances endurance and balance


This position is demanding for the wrist, shoulder and the hip supporting the body. Come into dragon first then slowly rotate your spine to increase the stimulation. Proceed with care if you have an injury on any of the above joints.

Help & Props

This pose is difficult to prop since the body weight is really creating the stimulation, depending on your arms proportion you might need some support for your palm or elbow. Mind the knee of your back leg, use some padding if needed to protect your knee cap.


Two to three minutes on each side at the beginning. You can increase accordingly.

Releasing the pose

Release the twist first, come back into a low dragon and either walking the dog (bending one knee at the time in downward dog) or rest into child.


It is important to not let your pelvis collapse on the floor but to keep some gap, letting gravity take over. Use your free hand to push the knee in order to create more rotation.