Twisted Roots Yin Yoga pose

Twisted Roots Pose


Mechanic - By rotating the spine the pose is releasing tension. Also stimulates the obliques,gluts and IT band.
Energetic - Targets the Gall Bladder channel related to the wood element, the Urinary Bladder channel related to the water element and also the Heart-Lungs pathways related to the Fire-Metal elements when arms are up
Mind/emotions - Calming, relaxing and balancing


Proceed with care in case or hernia or prolapsed disc.

Help & Props

Support the knee if high in the air so the body can relax.
If the shoulder if off the floor, use a prop to support the arm enhancing relaxation.
If there is any tingling sensations in the arm or if you are getting numbness into the hand or fingers, lower the arm down as you may be pinching on a nerve


Three to five minutes

Releasing the pose

Release the arms down, bring the knees back to center, uncross the legs and relax in Savasana


By changing the knees angle you will be able to affect different spine segments.