Yin Yoga Poses Overview


Paul Grilley has often said that “Twenty is plenty!” You don’t need a lot of postures to touch deeply the key areas of the body in a Yin Yoga practice. You don’t have time for very many either because we hold the postures longer than in a yang-like Hatha yoga practice. Sebastian & Murielle have gifted us with an easy way to learn the major postures & variations used in Yin Yoga, with this Yin Yoga Poses page and their beautiful Yin Yoga Poster

- Bernie Clark - Author of The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga


There are twenty main Yin yoga poses that can be called archetypal those 20 Yin yoga poses target your main myofascial groups in your legs and torso: the 20 poses target the legs in the hamstrings, glutes, adductors and quads, and in the torso, they target, the rectus abdominis, obliques and the thoracic-lumbar group.

You can easily create your own Yin yoga sequence as by using the archetypal poses, and exploring in the poses all the different variation to harvest all the Yin yoga benefits.


Learning and remembering the major poses of Yin yoga will be easier and make more sense with this Yin Yoga page and our Yin yoga poster. For more details on each pose, simply click on the photo of the corresponding pose. We have highlighted how each pose focuses on specific myofascial groups, as well as some energetic and emotional benefits. For practitioners with injuries or recovering from injuries we have highlighted the areas to avoid, and also included helpful tips for propping, the time each pose needs to be held and how to release the Yin yoga pose. Unlock the benefits of Yin yoga and create your own Yin Yoga sequence.