Dragonfly Yin Yoga pose


Mechanic - decompresses the spine depending of the inclination of your spine and orientation of the pelvis. Targets the Thoraco Lumbar Fascia and the Adductors
Energetic - targets the Liver meridian related to the wood element and the Urinary Bladder pathway with the legs at a narrower angle
Mind/Emotions - Energizing, stimulating


Any discomfort or pain in the medial aspect of your legs below the knees (Pes Anserinus) should be a sign to back off by either narrowing the legs or bending the knees.
If the pain is still there after having tried the suggestions above let go of this pose for a while.

Help & Props

Making sure that the pelvis is tilting forward ( sitting on a folded blanket or a cushion will help). If the adductors and the back are very tight bending the knees will help, putting a folded blanket as a support behind the knees will allow the muscles to relax, it will also help in bending forward.


Three to five minutes 

Releasing the pose

Place one hand behind each knee so you can bring the legs closer to center, relax the legs and lay down in Shavasana.


Playing with the opening angle of the legs will allow a better stimulation of the Adductors as a muscle group, going always to the maximum range of motion might not be the more efficient approach.